Useful Links

This page is to help promote other musicians' websites.  If you would like your website to appear in this list, please let me know: - Elena Piccione regularly posts videos of Russian art, music and culture along with own live piano recordings of Mozart, Rachmaninov, Chopin, Scriabin, etc.  Your subscription will surely be most appreciated. / - The Piano Bench Mag is the only magazine for piano teachers written by piano teachers. Each month a new topic is covered bringing new ideas and fresh insight that will help you run your studio. - Joey makes cool, short jazz education videos which I think are very useful for jazz enthusiasts. Nothing heavy, just straight, to-the-point, 2-5 minute videos at his piano. - Alfonso is one of the most popular jazz pianists online.  His cocktail jazz style is very refreshing with tasty chords and pleasant improvisations.  As well as being a jazz pianist, he is a composer and has extensive experience in film scores.  He also has a jazz piano lesson channel which you will find useful. - Jackie makes regular videos for piano beginners and has a growing online presence in the piano world.  You will enjoy her friendly, clear style.  From this link, discover her other groups and G+ links too! - Brad here has a great website for all kinds of music students.  I occasionally write articles for this website, too.  Not only for piano, you can find many resources to all kinds of music-related subjects.  Check it out! - Larry is a keen pianist and has created this website for the benefit of pianists wishing to study classical, the basics, and jazz.  I occasionally write articles on this website, too.  His website is full of links to other places for further reading so go and say hi! - Brian established the FJI with the intent of providing free jazz education to all.  I am amazed how this website does not receive more traffic so I am more than happy to promote here.  There, you will find posts by jazzers as well as my own little section.  Find transcriptions, discussions on jazz chords, etc, anything useful to a Jazzer.  Go there, join and be an active member! - The website says it all. - Felipe came across my blog randomly and liked it so much that he promoted me quite a lot on his own blog.  He has Portuguese but studies in Rome.  He is also a pianist and has written some scientific papers.  His blog also has a section on photography.  Have a look, it's very well put together! - Jamie is a highly-qualified personal fitness instructor, martial arts expert and all round good guy based in the UK.  His website boasts an array of qualifications and experiences.  For those of you interested in any of his talents, contact him immediately.  Although busy regularly, he will fit you in!

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